A beautifully crafted staircase creates a focal point in any home. Whether it’s a modern, minimal look or a more traditional classic style, simply tell us what you want and we’ll create it

The staircase is often the first thing visitors will see when they enter your home.

A staircase we create will bring lasting elegance to your home , but will also stand up to the rigours of frequent use.

We offer  bespoke oak staircase joinery to match your architect’s designs or our own design. You can select from a variety of woods and if perhaps you are looking for something more contemporary, we can incorporate glass,  steel  or ironwork for example. We can manufacture a range of staircases including:

  • Straight Flight Staircase. One of the most common types of stairs found in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Quarter Landing Staircase (L shaped) A variation of the straight stair with a bend in some portion of the stair. This bend is usually achieved by adding a landing at the bend transition point of 90 degrees.
  • Winder Staircase. Winder stairs are a variation of a quarter landing stair but instead of a flat landing, they have triangular steps at the corner transition.
  • U Shaped Staircase. Basically 2 parallel flights of straight stairs joined by by a landing that requires 180 degree turn in the walk line
  • Spiral Staircase. Spiral stairs are a often confused with curved stairs. Although, both types of stairs follow a helical arc (like the shape of a spring), spiral stairs usually are made very compact and the treads radiate around a center pole.
  • Curved Staircase. Curved stairs add elegance to home or business. For this reason they are almost always located at the entry where it makes the best first impression. Curved stairs, like spiral stairs are helical however, they tend to be on a much larger radius and typically do not make a full circle.
  • Open Tread Staircase. This is when no solid riser is added to the stairs which means you can see through above each step. These are good to allow light to pass through

We can simply supply or supply and fit.